L'appel du vide

(I want to be like Margo Roth Spiegelman and travel on my own. I want to run away from home, live in a paper town, and reject all of society. I want to leave impossible clues for someone to find me, to see who is clever enough and who cares enough to find me. Even if it takes them years.)

- l'appel du vide: the call of the void. a french expression, untranslatable, for the urge to throw oneself off of high places.

(kompulzivna potreba da potopiš sve horizonte, da se izgubiš tamo gdje te niko neće pronaći)

- l'appel du vide is that tiny voice that tells you to jerk the steering wheel just to the right and take a flying leap off the ledge...that inclination to walk right into the ocean and never return...the call of the Siren song.

(predaja; momenat istine, između tebe i neba i neba i zemlje)

- l'appel du vide, meaning the call of the void or the vacuum.

(iskonska želja koja te navodi da napustiš sve obale; trenutak kada shvatiš da ti je uspjelo)

(muzika za raspoloženje GIAA - Shores of Orion, Ascend to Oblivion, No Return, Fall From the Stars, All is Violent All is Bright, Infinite Horizons, Golden Sky itd...)


  1. U ovom trenutku je vise joie de vivre nego l'appel du vide ali se plasim da ce kratko potrajati..

  2. :D
    Ja ti vako sve s rajom pričam na francuskom. Šteta što ne znam i pisat ko što znam pričat. :/


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